Tower of Infinity

Tower of Infinity

Tower of Infinity

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Product Description

■■■■■Game Intro■■■■■

Extreme action, tower-climbing RPG! Ascend the Tower of Infinity! Cartoon-style auto-play RPG
A super-friendly game that doesn’t reset your stats even after a rebirth! Incomparable! Irreplaceable! Unique in its own right! Do your idling in the Tower of Infinity!

■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■

■ Extremely realistic hits with impact! The ultimate action RPG!!!
Comic-style RPG that adults and children alike can love!
If you like comics, download it now!

■ Forget the boring, same old games!
It’s like reading a comic book, filled with attractive characters in black and white!

■ Global’s one and only tower-climbing RPG!
You’ve never seen a game this unique before!

■ Venture into the vast realm of martial artists right now!
Go ahead, start the game! Don’t worry about Gems and Gold ever running out!

■ Even when you’re busy with other things, just leave it on and the game will play on its own!
An auto-play RPG that is just right for the busy modern lifestyle!