There are thousands of app deals listed in Google Play Store at any given time. Developers use these discounts to promote their Android apps and games (while sometimes making some extra money). However, many of these sales are junk apps that haven’t been updated in years. So here at Play Store Sales I go through and handpick the best so you can save money on high-quality applications and games.


The featured section is for the best of the best Andriod apps and games that are on sale right now. This includes breakout hits from indie developers and also includes some mobile games on sale from AAA game developer studios.

Now Free

Now, if you’re looking for Android apps on sale for free then this section is perfect for you. Here you will find only temporarily free app deals that will be marked back up in price in the near future. So you’ll want to grab temporary free apps quick before they are no longer on sale.

Android App Sales

Applications can be discounted in price for as long as 8 days. So, even if you don’t check Play Store Sales every day, a lot of these Android app deals will stay listed on the website until they expire.

Android Game Sales

Just like with the latest Android app sales, Android game deals can go on for just over a week. So it’s a good idea to stay updated on these Android games for sale as they will be removed as soon as the sale is over.

Biggest Sales

There are times when an application or game costs and a lot but receives a hefty discount from the developer. You can sort by the biggest discounts in the two sections above, but here are 4 apps which have received the biggest discount.

Random Sales

Just to keep thing interesting, I wanted to create a section that displays 4 random Android app and game sales. My hope is this feature will give some indie developer the extra coverage by having their sale on the front page.

Latest Kids App Sales

Weekly Email Newsletter

I currently offer a newsletter that sends an email which includes all of the apps, games, kids discounts (subscriber’s choice) at the end of each day.

I realize this is too much for some people so now I have created a weekly newsletter that contains all of the Android deals for Apps and Games that have gone on sale for that week. This way, you only receive one email each week and it will include the best Android app and game sales (which can be a lot depending on the week).