App Details Key

Under the price and download button for each application and game sale you’ll see a table that looks like this. . .

Developer NameIn-App Purchases
Star RatingDownloads
Highest PriceLowest Price

But I understand how not everyone will immediately decipher what each of these icons stand for. So on this page you’ll find the key/legend for them. Some of them are self explanatory (like Developer Name & Downloads), but others may not be so straightforward (in-app purchases and lowest/highest prices).

I have been keeping track of Android app and game sales for over 7 years now and during that time I have been able to amass quite the large database when it comes to in-app purchase data as well as price history.

So when you see the Highest Price and Lowest Price section, this is part of that database. I feel this is a good piece of information to have as a consumer since you will always know whether or not the current sale price is a bargain or not. Many developers will hike the prices of their app right before discounting it while others only offer major discounts once or twice a year.

Knowing if an application or game has In-App Purchases is also something that I feel is important to convey to the user. Since many people refuse to use something that is funded by Pay to Win mechanics.

If you ever notice something listed in the App Details table is incorrect, please feel free to contact me so that I can correct the data.