SayIt Full Unlock

SayIt Full Unlock


SayIt Full Unlock

Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka)
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Product Description

Want to say it? Share it with SayIt!
✓ Listen to any text selection, article, or website
✓ Any PDF or EPUB becomes an audiobook
✓ Remembers where you left off
✓ SayIt is multilingual

Many more:
– automatic article text download from a link
– most junk like navigation menus gets automatically removed from articles
– automatic language recognition
– support the Android standard sharing mechanism: can be used from any app
– reading from clipboard
– makes audiobooks from your regular books
– PDF documents or EPUB book reading
– speed control
– supported languages recognition: Af, Ar, Bg, Bn, Cs, Da, De, El, En, Es, Et, Fa, Fi, Fr, Gu, He, Hi, Hr, Hu, Id, It, Ja, Kn, Ko, Lt, Lv, Mk, Ml, Mr, Ne, Nl, No, Pa, Pl, Pt, Ro, Ru, Sk, Sl, So, Sq, Sv, Sw, Ta, Te, Th, Tl, Tr, Uk, Ur, Vi, Zh (Simplified), Zh (Traditional)