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Elements a live wallpaper you will love.

Transform your screen into an elegant and stylish masterpiece with Elements Live Wallpaper. This dynamic wallpaper brings your device to life with floating and interactively animated colorful squares that will captivate your senses.

Customization Options:

✔️ Elements Color: Choose the color of the animated squares to match your personal style.
✔️ Background Color: Customize the background color to complement the overall aesthetic of your device.
✔️ Color Variation: Add a touch of variety by adjusting the color variations of the animated squares.
✔️ Elements Size: Modify the size of the animated squares to create the perfect visual balance.
✔️ Elements Style: Select from a range of styles for the animated squares, allowing you to personalize your wallpaper.
✔️ Count: Adjust the number of animated squares to suit your preferences.
✔️ Speed: Control the speed at which the squares move and interact on your screen.
✔️ Dynamics: Experience the dynamic nature of the wallpaper as the squares interact with each other and respond to your touch.

And more! Explore additional customization options to make your Elements Live Wallpaper truly unique and tailored to your taste.

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