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Product Description

Play the our classic platform game Save The Puka, full of fun and mysterious adventures, collect gold coins.…In our adventure platform game help the angel fallen from heaven, save the Puka.

Save The Puka 2D Arcade Adventure Platform Games
Our game is ad-free and doesn’t require internet. The ad version of our game is very popular. Enjoy playing our platform game now.

– Eye-catching visuals
– 2D arcade adventure platformer game managed with easy controls
– Attractive game musics
– Use buttons to jump, move and shoot from platforms
– Collect gold coins, jump through obstacles
– Collect gold coins to get the highest score, jump over obstacles, bats and orcs by jumping various enemies
– Press the jump button to crush enemies with Puka. You can use Puka’s staff in the progressing difficult levels.
– This game is suitable for all ages.
– Impressive visuals and soundtracks suitable for the atmosphere of the game
– Use the stairs in the maze rooms, find the hidden keys
– In advanced levels, use Puka’s staff to neutralize enemies.
– The levels in the game get harder as you progress and it will be enjoyable to pass as many levels.
– Explore the mysterious rooms by crossing various enemies and obstacles with a single right of life, collect gold on the journey, earn high scores, find the keys to locked doors, join adventures on challenging forest roads.
– Don’t worry ! The levels you passed in the game are saved and you can continue the game later.

Our game in the category of entertainment games is for you. If you are looking for fun and enjoyable new arcade adventure platform games, you can download the game now and start your journey full of adventures. We hope you enjoy our fun and immersive game.