Knight Bewitched 2

Knight Bewitched 2

Knight Bewitched 2

Joshua Keith
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Knight Bewitched 2 is a fantasy jRPG

The death of Typhus the World-Breaker brought peace to the world of Ambrose–temporarily.

Three months after the events of Knight Bewitched, mercenaries Rae and Alex are hired by the Deepforge Expedition to explore the ruins of an ancient Halonian temple. Beneath the temple is an entrance to the Ambrose Underworld and the expedition’s target, the lost fortress Deepforge I.

Though Deepforge I is successfully reclaimed, questions arise after the discovery of a mysterious cult embedded within the expedition. Now Rae and Alex, alongside heroes Ruth, Gwen, and other allies, must investigate and discover the truth behind the cult and the Deepforge Expedition before it’s too late.