The Black Dungeon

The Black Dungeon

The Black Dungeon

Joshua Keith
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Product Description

The Black Dungeon RPG, also called Mari and the Black Tower, is a retro dungeon-crawling RPG featuring:

-Four party members with eight unique heroes to choose from
-Retro RPG turn-based combat enhanced with instant abilities and an engaging TP system
-SNES-style graphics and music
-A ten-floor dungeon tower with 30 quests to complete
-Hundreds of items, weapons, and armors to collect, monsters to defeat, and bosses to slay!
-3 Difficulty modes–play on Easy for a casual experience or Hard for RPG veterans
-Offline gameplay with no ads or in-app purchases
-Available only in English at this time. Check recommended device specs before purchasing!


Monsters and plagues pour out of the mysterious Black Tower. Forest nymph Mari and her partner, a young amnesiac named Abbie, must gather a band of heroes to scale the tower and uncover its secrets as it threatens to end all life on earth.