Neuroshima Convoy

Neuroshima Convoy

Neuroshima Convoy

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Product Description

Neuroshima Convoy from Portal Games Digital is a card game set in the
world of Neuroshima, where humanity has been attacked by artificially
intelligent and rebellious machines.

This 2-players card game supports game against AI in single-player mode and the online game against players around the world in open-platform mode. It gives you pass&play offline hot seat mode for 2 players as well. This easy-to-play game includes a dedicated tutorial that teaches you how to play and manage both Moloch and Outpost armies with asymmetric features.

The theme: post-apocalyptic war between Outpost and Moloch takes you to the
universe based on Portal Games Neuroshima role play game. Moloch leads a
convoy of machines in an attempt to destroy New York, but the Outpost is
on guard and will do anything to stop them.

The duel between Moloch and the Outpost takes place throughout the USA, represented by the arranged sequence of city boards. Moloch and the Outpost fight fiercely for each district, playing cards, and resolving the effects for victory. Moloch’s goal is to reach New York, and the Outpost’s goal is fulfilled when
Moloch runs out of cards. Neuroshima Convoy board game, for 2 players,
is a highly regarded card game thanks to its addictive, fast, and compact nature.

The game is never the same and you can play over and over
again due to its replayability. It’s the next title in the post-apocalyptic world after the Neuroshima HEX 3.0 board game. This Portal Games Digital mobile version of Neuroshima Convoy allows you to join the eternal fight between Moloch and the Outpost in a quick, accessible form, from wherever you want.