Mystery of Fortune 3

Mystery of Fortune 3


Mystery of Fortune 3

Dotomchi Games Inc.
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Product Description

Mystery of Fortune 3 is the ninth story of the Fortune Chronicles Episode series. This is an official sequel and the third story of SRPG Mystery of Fortune that was released in 2014 and 2016.

Go for an adventure to find Meteor Dragon hid deep inside of the dungeon and search for “the Ether Ambergris”, the source of all magic.

The Game Functions

1. The first full-3d characters and backgrounds in the series

2. Limitless strategies of combining 25 various classes and over 80 different skills.

3. A battle macro system for making your own battle styles.

4. More diverse items to equip and enhance the system without failure.

5. An arena battle league system for online users to compete for their strategies.

6. A cloud storage system for you to save and load data despite OS types.