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Product Description

You feel difficult to focus at work? You have tried many ways but it does not work out. This Mind Melody: stay focus & higher productivity is created just for you.

Using Mind Melody will help you:
• Keep Calm & Stay focus
• Higher Productivity
• Enjoy Relax
• More Creative

• Mix sounds
Easy to select and mix sounds like Rain, Thunderstorm, Wind, Forest with Birds, Water Steam, Seaside, Fireplace, Summer Night… You can also adjust the volume of certain sound

• Create favorited combo
After mixed your favorited sound, you can save it as a Relax Combo and replay it at any time you want.

• Create own sound
You can use the record function to create your own sound. After that, you can replay it or mix it with other sounds

• Configuration with timer
This app supports you to set up playtime and automatically turn off time as you wish.

• Running in background state
This app can run parallel with other apps on your device.

• Configuration display
You can set up background color, animation time and display mode as you like.