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Product Description

Intruder Catcher: Lock Screen and App protection by Augustro is a powerful security app. It hides behind your lock screen and if someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code, it takes a picture of the person with the front-facing camera and immediately emails the photo of the intruder to you. Also, it can lock access to your private apps with fingerprint/pin/pattern and can capture intruder selfies at the app lock screen too. It has no advertisements.

Key Features:

📷Intruder Catcher
★ Takes photo with a secret camera when someone tries to unlock your phone or locked apps with the wrong code.
★ Sends intruder selfie email.
★ Works with a password, pin code, and pattern lock.
★ It is completely silent and secret.
★ No battery drain and less memory footprint.
★ Select the number of unlocking attempts before the selfie is taken.

🔓 Applock
★ Powerful Applock with Fingerprint, Pattern, and Pin unlock.
★ Fake Covers: Applock comes with extra fake covers like Fake Fingerprint on-screen and Fake Crash covers.
★ Lock new apps upon installation.
★ Lock uninstalls and installs of other apps.
★ Timed Re-lock: Apps can be re-locked after 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.
★ Advanced Uninstall Protection: Intruder Catcher and Applock can be safeguarded against uninstall attempts using Device Administrator permission.

⛨ Security
★ App Disguise: If Calculator app identity is blown, Use the App disguise feature to change the icon of Calculator into a Scanner app with the option to open Calculator from inside the Scanner app.
★ Themes: If you are into colors, You can play around with beautiful theme colors.
★ Password Recovery Email: Setup a password recovery email.
★ No advertisements.

⚠ To Uninstall Intruder Catcher: For added security uninstalling of Intruder Catcher will not be easy. You have to open Intruder Catcher and go to “Settings”, and click the “Uninstall Intruder Catcher” option. Or you can disable Device administrator access of Intruder Catcher and uninstall the app normally.

🚩 If you didn’t find our mail, Maybe our mail is moved to your Spam folder. If this happens please mark our mail as not spam to avoid this in the future.
🚩 For detecting wrong code entry at the lock screen and for advanced Uninstall protection feature, We require Device administrator permission access.
🚩 Applock requires Usage permission to detect app launches. You can optionally not grant this permission and disable Applock.
🚩 A wrong code attempt is registered only if the entered wrong code exceeds or equal to 4 characters.