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Product Description

Zen Alarm Clock is designed with curated zen music to wake you peacefully. The music has been selected based on scientifically recommended waking rhythms that will leave you feeling relaxed but wakeful.

All the music in Zen Alarm Clock begins gently then has more distinct tones. This ensures that you are slowly but surely roused from your slumber.

Every element of Zen Alarm Clock has been designed with serenity top of mind. All the different zen music is accompanied by beautiful and peaceful splash screens. The UI utilises traditional zen design techniques. Even the timer notification sound is a peaceful gong.

The Zen Alarm Clock experience will help to make at least one part of your life as peaceful and stress free as possible.

Alarm Features
– Tranquil zen music collection
– Picturesque zen alarm screens

App Features
– Zen alarm clock
– World clock
– Stop watch
– Zen timer
– Zen alarm widget

How is Zen Alarm Clock different from other alarm clocks?
– All alarm sounds and music follow scientifically recommended waking rhythms
– The entire selection of sounds and music are gentle, peaceful and crisp
– All splash screens contain high resolution tranquil photography
– The entire UI is peaceful and relaxing
– The timer notification sound is a peaceful gong