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Product Description

Have you ever thought about the afterlife? Will you encounter anything on the other side? Or maybe there is only one big nothingness that awaits you. 😨

Something we cannot comprehend entirely, something that stays a puzzle for countless minds that are vainly trying to solve it. Does it continue its way even when your body dies? Maybe there is a unique pass for each to follow, an adventure that awaits its hero.

Explore your mind and life through the ambient puzzle River 🌊. Original artwork, mind-boggling logical puzzles, impressively quality ambiance music, and more mix to deliver an exquisite variety of cross river & crossroad puzzles. Get ready to explore tons of logical puzzles, musical puzzles, visual puzzles, and more!

Can you cross rivers and solve all pass the obstacles puzzles?

💡 Features
* 4 different seasons (trivial, visual, musical and logical)
* 24 unique puzzles.
* Awesome ambiance music by Slakker.
* 3 logical puzzle game-ending cutscenes.
… and hours of your brain working heavily!

Now forget about all those generic and poorly made thinking puzzles and say YES to an ambiance puzzle that is original, supremely fun, and brain-teasing!

⭐️ Start the cross-river adventure and get this logical puzzle now!