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Product Description

Chess Trainer PRO is a versatile chess training tool intended for tournament players for building chess opening repertoires and offer the most effective way in training openings. It can also be used in training tactics, strategies, and endgames via building topic repertoire manually or by PGN import to the topic.

This app is also intended for people who know how to play chess in general but want to improve their play. When you load a PGN file with annotated games, it will serve as a tool to present to you in a fashion as if watching a chess video tutorial capable of showing colored graphical arrows, dots, and squares along with audible NAG’s and commentaries. Just a clue, many sites giveaway free annotated games in PGN files are compatible to use with this app.

This app can also be used to just enjoy playing chess against the chess engine with 100 levels of playing strength to match your own strength or play with your friend on the same device. You can even set your own opening repertoire as an opening book when playing with the engine.

Main App Features:

♞ 100% ad-free and offline.
♞ Build and organize chess openings through the folder hierarchy.
♞ Built-in Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) that shows the opening name in every move.
♞ Ability to backup and restore the main database.
♞ Support any UCI chess engines and remote chess engines (Stockfish 11 is built-in).
♞ Customize app theme, chessboard color, and texture.
♞ Included 4000 super grandmasters’ chess games (SuperGM_Games.pgn) and 36 annotated games (Immortal_Games.pgn).
♞ Excellent chess theory book companion.
♞ Best for reviewing annotated games in PGN files through integrated PGN viewer/editor.
♞ Guess the move feature in PGN mode.
♞ Check the game against your repertoire feature.
♞ Analyze your online games through the built-in chess engine.
♞ Listen to comments through your device’s speech engine.
♞ Ability to move pieces via drag and drop.
♞ Ability to create colored arrows and squares on the chessboard.
♞ Ability to import/export PGN files to/from your repertoire including nags, comments, and variation lines.
♞ Ability to handle transpositions in your opening repertoire
♞ Ability to train randomly or sequentially either from starting a board position or from anywhere in your opening tree.
♞ Ability to demo or preview line in training before trying the moves.
♞ Multi-language support