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Product Description

The best Dashcam app for your safety on the road. Use your phone as a high-end dash camera for a fraction of the price. Runs in the background and once a vibration is detected stores the footage before and after the event within a predefined time interval to comply with local regulations. Accam is not using your phone’s storage to
continuously record a video thus avoids storing gigabytes of unnecessary video footage on your phone.

Key features:
– Easy to use user interface;
– Runs in the background while you use your phone for other tasks e.g. navigation, making calls;
– Detects vibrations and automatically stores the last T seconds and the following T seconds (T can be adjusted in the settings);
– Stores a video only if necessary (avoid having gigabytes of footage on your phone);
– The video contains a telemetry watermark containing useful data (date, time, speed);