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Product Description

Choose your letters or rely on luck! With letters at hand create as many unique English words as you can within 90 seconds or play a relaxed mode with no time limit!

Our ad-free word search game Word Quest contains 2 game modes (Challenge & Relax), over 500 000 English words and can be played offline.

Word quest is a must game for everyone who loves challenges and fast-paced word search games!


✓ 2 game modes – Challenge & Relax
✓ Ad-free + no In-App purchases
✓ Global leaderboards included – challenge people from all around the world
✓ Improve your English spelling and typing skills in an entertaining way
✓ Each game is different
✓ Think fast to make it into TOP20 highs cores
✓ Over 500 000 English words included
✓ Share your score via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks


✓ Challenge – each word created will increase the time limit! (3-letters words will add 3 seconds, 4-letters words 4 seconds,..)
✓ Relax – play without time limit

We hope you will enjoy playing our game Word Quest!