What Lies Underground

What Lies Underground

What Lies Underground

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Product Description

What Lies Underground is a first person point and click adventure. Waking far from home in an unknown place, POINT, TAP, PUZZLE and EXPLORE to access something DEEPER within. Can you discover the SECRET underground entrance?

Driven under cover of darkness, you awake at a mystery location. You leave the limo with a letter from the redhead driver. What could be inside? A secret group has set puzzles, designed not to arouse suspicion. Explore your surroundings, use objects and solve puzzles to uncover the secret underground entrance.

“This is nothing short of amazing” – Big Boss Battle

One of the “Best new games on our forums” – TouchArcade

Experience unique puzzles you won’t find in other escape games.

• Beautiful graphics.
• Engaging gameplay.
• Lots of text for feedback and humor. (In English.)
• Inventory Screen to select and inspect items.
• Zoom Screen to look at clues & books.
• Lots of items to collect, including the odd red herring!
• 16 achievements.
• Original soundtrack.
• Explore and experiment, some puzzles can be completed in any order.
• Progress auto-saving.