Space Hobo

Nerdy Yetis
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Product Description

This is arcade strategy, where you play as a space hobo, who had his cardboard box stolen.

All gameplay is about balance (like rock-paper-scissors), unlocking pets and special abilities. Put right “ingredients” on the battlefield and watch them fight. And if your robots losing – change strategy! Shoot enemy with special ability! Throw pet into the battle! Restart level and take another pet and abilities with you!

This mechanic is very popular in a fantasy setting, but here instead of castles, you will storm gang of weird space characters.

Available game modes:
– Story mode
– PvP on the same device (hot seat)
– Survival mode

Additional features:
– The game has a plot and a logical ending
– Unit defense. It’s like tower defense, but with units
– After completing the game you can continue playing in the endless survival mode
– You can also play it with a friend on the same device
– And in case you don’t have any friends, you can play against a bot and imagine that he is your friend