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Product Description

A complete useful tool for Solar system sizing and Rooftop calculations.

Get details of Solar system that how much capacity can able to install for your home or office needs with precise output from a few input data.
As well complete system sizing and rooftop designing of any location from Latitude & Longitude.

Cable Voltage Drop details of single phase or three phase cable to find out how much cable length can lay able to particular capacity of the system.
Solar water pumping solutions can help to install capacity of the system of AC or DC pumps.

Solar PV module or structure tilt angle data to get maximum output of any or particular day of a location from map and also Solar irradiance data available daily and monthly average values.

Transformer and Inverter calculations for voltage current & power. Busbar and Earth strip calculations available.

This App contains Compass and Precise Location details along with Latitude and Longitude Time Date Temperature Wind speed of current location and many more features and calculations.