Slaughter 2: Prison Assault

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault


Slaughter 2: Prison Assault

Ray Spark
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Product Description

We received a disturbing message: a riot took place in Burdeck Prison. The whole person is dead, city surroundings are captured. A mysterious and mad man called Tsantsa is behind all these events.

Special Ops were sent immediately into the city, their task is to clear the city itself and prison blocks from crazy inmates.

City streets are full of lunatics and thugs, which means that you should grab guns and start to fight!

You can break through the enemies, destroying everything that moves, like a true soldier. But you can also search for secret intel and records, to put together pieces of a gruesome story that took place in Burdeck’s Prison.”

In-game, you have a vast variety of weapons, enemies, and intense boss fights!
Due to the excellent shooting system, you can feel the power of each and every gun from which you will fire, and the deeply elaborated damage system makes every kill unique and exciting. Make ambushes and put traps for the enemy, prowl behind them or be a trigger-happy guy, who will annihilate anyone who opposes him!

If you want to play an excellent shooter with morbid humor – this game is truly for you!