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Product Description

Ray Watermark is a useful watermarking tool for Android and IOS platforms.
Ray Watermark is an editor and allows you to create watermarks and watermarking photos. Using the Ray Watermark app, you can create original works and sign your photos using a lot of fonts and text effects.

It also offers to adjust and scale text size. You can desire to create your marks in serial photos, So Ray Watermark is absolutely for you. Now create your watermarked photos, process multiple images in batch mode and save securely in your gallery or share these your friends quickly.

Ray Watermark’s Key Features;

Simple and user-friendly interface
Text or image watermarks
Processing of multiple photos in batch mode
Lots of fonts and text effects. Also, adjust the text size.
Easy control for opacity, position, and rotation
Easy of use for png, logos, copyrights
Fonts, color and other effects in the text mode
Save processed images and photos