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Prometheus News Feeds

Prometheus News Feeds

Bartolomei Robert Daniel
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Product Description

With a friendly user interface, Prometheus News Feeds keeps you up to date with the latest news from the world, politics, business, finance, sports, science, technology, health, and others.

Some features of the Prometheus News Feeds:

✔ redesigned user interface (material design UI), optimized for phones, 7” and 10” tablets,

✔ Text To Speech (TTS) functionality,

✔ TalkBack support,

✔ night mode option (Settings ⇒ Night Mode),

✔ support for both RSS feeds and ATOM feeds,

✔ highlights and notes for bookmarked articles,

✔ default links (TOPIC SOURCES) to some of the most prominent magazines: The New York Times, CNN, Science News, TechCrunch, The Verge, CNET, etc.,

✔ add, remove, and edit TOPIC SOURCES (from Manage Topics section),

✔ add TOPIC SOURCES in bulk (provide only the URL to the page that contains the links to the RSS/ATOM feeds),

✔ add, remove, edit and reorder TOPICS (from Manage Topics section, last tab – ALL TOPICS),

✔ filter TOPIC SOURCES while reading the news headlines,

✔ grays out the titles of articles you’ve already read,

✔ bookmark (save) articles to read later (available also while offline),

✔ Share the articles you consider interesting,

✔ built-in browser: if you want to see the original article you can use the button “Go to source” (at the end of the article),

✔ now you can add also feed sources from Google Alerts,

✔ saves bandwidth (reduced network use): it will download news feeds only when there are new updates.