Postphonics Dictionary

Postphonics Dictionary

Postphonics Dictionary

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– POSTPHONICS DICTIONARY(PD) has 2,900+ basic English words.
– You can listen to each clear and exact syllable sound in the word
– PD is a dictionary type application for Reading Disabilities and basic English learners.

Learners can search for any word and listen to each syllable in the word. Furthermore, we examine five words every day with a review game. A word-card (clip) in the dictionary has syllables which are split and blocked by circles.
It has three types of circles: pink, green, and white. The pink circles are the largest because they each contain a tonic syllable, which means it has an extra air stream when you pronounce it. The green circles are smaller than the pink ones but larger than the white ones.

They contain stressed syllables, which are pronounced without an extra air stream in your voice. The last one is the white circle, representing the unstressed or weakened syllables in the vocabulary. They should be pronounced softly and calmly. Most of the weakened syllables lose their own sound and turn to be “schwa” or an unstressed one.