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The Plants Research app is a portable and meticulously organized repository, encompassing a diverse range of botanical entities, including plants, fungi, algae, and their derived biomaterials, such as essential oils, decoctions, infusions, among others. Continuously updated with a comprehensive array of research findings on diverse bioactive properties, the app features information on both medicinal plants and those of general utility.

The integrated library seamlessly interfaces with our robust recipe builder, allowing users to craft innovative and health-oriented recipes. Our scientists explore numerous scientific journals to identify relevant articles, which are then rigorously evaluated, reviewed, and incorporated into the app. Additionally, our laboratory consistently develops new recipes, enhancing the app’s content.

Our commitment to selectivity is evident in our pursuit of research with direct practical applications. For example, we focus on articles investigating medicinal plants with select bioactive properties, including natural antimicrobials—such as antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal—and those contributing to heavy metal detoxification.

Furthermore, we explore medicinal plants applicable to aquaculture, farming, horticulture, cooking, food preservation, athletic performance enhancement, exercise support, muscle recovery, and other fields of interest. Consequently, the app evolves into a continually expanding repository of knowledge, easily accessible to users.

Plants Research Pro caters to a broad spectrum of enthusiasts, including naturalists, survivalists, health enthusiasts, bodybuilders, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, off-grid advocates, chefs, agriculturalists, farmers, plant scientists, and various other groups. Enjoy!

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