Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg

Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg

Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg

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Product Description

Pixels Soldiers: Gettysburg is a tactical turn-based strategy game set during mid 19th Century America.

The Confederacy is invading the North, and you will choose whether to command the Southern or Union armies to victory in the farmlands of Pennsylvania. Easy to play and difficult to master, Pixel Soldiers is a game for wargamers and casual gamers alike.

You will desperately attempt to hold or seize the high ground around Gettysburg. Pixel Soldiers Gettysburg includes the following scenarios that can be played as either the Union or the Confederacy…

*McPherson’s Ridge
*Oak Hill
*Barlow’s Knoll
*Seminary Ridge
*Peach Orchard
*Little Round Top
*Culp’s Hill
*Pickett’s Charge
*A bunch of other maps to play in sandbox mode

NEW Add-on campaign available in-game, has these new epic scale battles:

*Brandy Station
*Gettysburg Day 1
*Gettysburg Day 2
*Gettysburg Day 3

*Command your armies with ease.
*Difficult to master in-depth strategy.
*Play against an intelligent AI opponent or another player on the same device.
*Morale system: Units that take casualties may go into disorder or break and run depending on their morale.
*Includes Union and Confederate campaigns, with historical scenarios during the Battle of Gettysburg.
*Many different types of units and weapons, complete with individual uniforms.
*Sandbox mode
*Force the enemy from a position with a bayonet charge (new)

Use the terrain to your advantage: Keep vulnerable units behind ridges or hide them in the trees. Protect vital mountain passes and river crossings.

Use your artillery for long-range fire support or risk placing them near the enemy to use murderous canister shot. Pixel Soldiers Gettysburg includes rifled and smoothbore cannon.

Place your cavalry on the flanks or delay an enemy advance.

Use your various Infantry units well. Skirmishers are good at delaying and disrupting enemy attacks or guarding the flanks. Use riflemen to give accurate fire support, whereas those armed with smoothbore muskets are best suited for close range gritty fighting.

Will you push your troops forward and seize the initiative? Or will you set up a defensive line, await reinforcements and let the enemy come to you?

These and many more questions you will need to ask yourself. There are many ways to win the game.