N752: Terror Prison


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A fantastic and engaging adventure, which began with chapter one that will catapult you into the Criminal Wall maximum security penitentiary, where the Scientific Wall project caught on with some scientists and some members of the government in 1929. Located on an island in the ocean, the penitentiary is a huge structure, built in 1836 and is divided into areas 1-2-3-4-5.

In chapter one, Abram finds himself having to fight to be able to get out of the isolation of the prison, located in area 1. Now Abram finds himself in area 2 (upper maximum security prison) where criminals of all kinds are detained.
You will have to help Abram through area 2-3 and 4 and then enter area 5 where it all started.

You will find yourself in front of the dark and destroyed environments by the passage of the inmates who have freed themselves from the penitentiary and you will have to solve puzzles, find keys, hide and more.You can refresh yourself in the staff refreshment rooms that are scattered around the map.

An adventure with fantastic graphics, hours of gameplay and lots of excitement.

Are you cold-blooded? begins survival and helps Abram return to his family and prove his innocence.

Doug Lynch

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