Lazy Sweet Tycoon

Lazy Sweet Tycoon


Lazy Sweet Tycoon

Sideless Cube Studios
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Product Description

Welcome to the competitive tycoon idle game experience. Do you want to save the world, prove yourself as a ruthless CEO and become a pioneering tech entrepreneur?

In our Ad-Free and No Pay2Win world, you can develop candy sweets into either immortalizing health nanobots or micro intergalactic space rockets.
Build an epic factory, direct product development, manage employees and your surroundings, strategize with investments, hire and manage transport vehicles, complete jobs and fight against other players to be prized as the ultimate CEO.

• Invest carefully via dynamic rarity-based quotes
• Choose how you play Active / Passive strategy!
• Factory ‘Efficiency’ ranked against others in realtime
• Develop sweets into nanobots or space rockets.
• Build an epic island of advanced tech and industry.
• Balance logistics to export products effectively.
• Hire and fire staff, boost salary or cut pay, motivate or micromanage