Landscape & Garden Calculators

Landscape & Garden Calculators

Landscape & Garden Calculators

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Product Description

41 Landscaping and Garden Calculators
US and Metric

Featured by Vodafone NZ and in US Lawn & Landscape magazine –

Precision Inputs =
-US (Feet-Inch-Fraction)
-METRIC (Meters-Millimeters)

These 41 easy to use landscaping calculators and estimators cover all types of projects, and have been refined over several years based on experience and feedback from professionals. Perfect for the Pro Landscaper, Contractor, or DIY’er.

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Hardscape Calculator
* Concrete & Rebar (Rect/Round)
* Post Hole Concrete
* Asphalt
* Pavers
* Landscape Lighting

Softscape Calculator
* Aggregate(Rectangle/Round) (Mulch, Rock, etc)
* Drainage
* Pine Straw
* # Plants
* Spacing

Lawn Calculator
* Lawn Fertilizer
* Grass Seed
* Sod

Business Calculator
* Sq Ft Cost Estimator
* Discount Price
* Markup
* Overtime
* Sales Tax
* Task Time
* Travel Time

Walls, Decks and Fencing Calculator
* Brick/Block Walls
* Decking Boards
* Wood Fencing

Area, Volume and Angle Calculator
* Acreage
* Arc
* Circle
* Cone
* Cube
* Cylinder
* Pyramid
* Rectangle
* Sphere
* Trapezoid
* Triangle

Water Features
* Ponds

Measurement Calculator
* Tape Measure Calc
* GPS Measure
* Canada/US Frost Tables

I wish I had room to describe them all in detail, but here are some examples-

=Aggregate Rectangle
Calc tons, yd3, ft3 and m3 from dimensions, thickness, wastage % and density. Over 15 types of rock, sand, dirt, mulch and gravel.

=Aggregate Round
Calc tons, y3, m3 and ft3 from diameter, thickness, wastage %, density and # of areas.

Calc tons needed from dimensions and base weight.

Calc # of bricks or blocks needed from structure length and height, mortar joints, wastage % and brick sizes.

=Concrete Rectangle
Calc yd3, m3, ft3, premixed or portland bags and feet of rebar from width, length and thickness and rebar spacing.

=Concrete Round/Post Holes
Calc yd3, ft3, m3, area, premixed bags and portland bags from dimensions, post size and number of columns.

Calc peak discharge from runoff coefficient, rainfall intensity and drainage area.

=GPS Measurement
*experimental* Calculate the distance between two points by using the GPS in your device. Only useful for large distances where the normal errors in the accuracy of GPS won’t have a big impact.

Calc # pickets, 2×4 rails, 4×4 posts, 2×8 rot boards and 80# concrete bags from fence length, section length, picket width and # of rails.

=Landscape Lighting Wizard
Calc optimal wire gauge, optimal voltage tap and voltage drop from wire length and total watts.

=Lawn Fertilizer
Calc quantity of fertilizer per treatment from type of grass (default spread values for 12 types included), low and high spread rates, total area, % nitrogen in the fertlizer and number of treatments per year.

Calc # pavers required from dimensions and paver size.

=Pine Straw
Calc # of bales needed from total area and type of coverage.

Calc # of plants needed in a rectangular and triangular grid from area and spacing between plants.

Calc pond surface area, volume, liner length, liner width, suggested pump size, marginal stock and ideal stock from pond length, width, max depth, avg depth, pump turnover and radius.

=Grass Seed
Calc pounds/kg needed for new or existing lawns from total area and type of grass.

Calc # of slabs/rolls/pallets needed from total area, length and width of slab or roll and per pallet coverage.

Calc # items/centers with spacing for each, individual item measurements for entire run from run length, item width, spacing and angle. Perfect for calculating anything that requires consistent spacing.

=Sq Feet $ Cost
Calc Total $ from length, width and $ per sq ft.

=Tape Measure Calc
+-*/ mixed US/Metric measurements, with running tape output. Nice and easy to use!

=Frost tables for the US and Canada.