Greenskin Invasion

Greenskin Invasion

Greenskin Invasion

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Product Description

Dungeon Adventure: Greenskin Invasion is the second game in the Dungeon Adventure series. Like the first game, it’s a classic roguelike with permadeath in a fantasy setting. Some game elements were taken from the old school and tabletop RPG games.

This time heroes must defend lands from greenskin tribes. Defend lands from orcs, goblins, trolls, gather tons of loot and treasures. Select a hero and begin the epic adventure!

– Explore randomly generated dungeons, caves, wilderness areas.
– Permadeath – if the hero dies you need to start a new game
– Adventure level system that allows you to progress even if your hero died, bonuses from Adventure Levels affect all heroes.
– Different heroes with unique skills and abilities
– A lot of randomly-generated loot.
– Craft epic equipment for your heroes.
– Epic quests!

Some features that people asking for original Dungeon Adventure already here:
– Inventory, now you can store your loot.
– More items slots: armor, weapon, boots, and hat.
– Items have graphic icons.
– Better game balance ( I hope so ^_^ )