unlikely life

Cristian Canceal
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Product Description

basically, all you have to do is to unleash your thoughts and put them into your actions. a bunch of levels that can or cannot make sense to each other, but that’s your thing to discover. there are some quotes at the beginning that should or should not explain what this game is about and what’s your role in it. you can use or not use them in your favor in order to understand what should or what should not do to pass the level.

you can or cannot fail as many times as you reach again the first level. you could or could not understand everything that this game has to say, but again, that’s your thing to discover. once you opened the game, there’s no turning back but reaching the end, in other cases, every time you quit the game, you lose everything that you have ever reached.

feel free to quit and restart all over again whenever you like, this will always be here, without any ads. pay attention to every level details in order to understand how to pass other levels.