Blues Guitar Soloist

Blues Guitar Soloist

Blues Guitar Soloist

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Product Description

Ever ask another guitarist how to play a solo over a I-IV-V blues progression? Nine times out of ten, you’ll be directed to play a minor-pentatonic box scale. Listen carefully to great blues guitar music, and you’ll hear a secret: It’s intervals, not scale patterns, that make the magic happen.

In this app, you will learn to play blues guitar in terms of harmonic color and intervals, instead of meandering through scale patterns, in the context of a full original 12-bar blues based on the styles of various blues masters, like B.B King, Buddy Guy, or SRV, among others with licks, tabs, amazing high-quality video, and audio.

All licks come with tabs, backing tracks, video, and audio. Each lick is in itself is a lesson, so always read its analysis and make most of it.

• Original 12-bar-blues guitar song with backing track separated in 20 licks
• 20 HD Videos with animated tabs played at three different speeds = 60 videos
• 20 Licks with tabs, audio, and backing tracks at three different speeds
• Built-in Metronome
• Animated tabs
• Music lessons, tabs, lick analysis, and additional tips
• Video Zoom Feature

Full Internet Access. Videos and audios reside on our server, they need to be downloaded
Modify/delete SD card contents. These files are placed in the SD card to avoid filling your internal storage memory