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Product Description

Learn how to play Preferans or hone your skills! Challenging algorithms. Fine-tuned options. Thoroughly prepared UI. Great statistics to track your progress.

Finely tuned bot algorithms will give a challenge to even the most skilled players. Various tricky yet honest moves, measure catches and no-cheating all-pass rounds are what make this game feel like a real game with human players. You can pick a cheater to compare though.

A wide array of options and conventions will allow every player to find their familiar game type. Besides the usual three-player game, we are the only pref-app that allows two players (aka Gusarik or Hussars pref) and a classic 4 player game! Now it makes SmartPref the ONLY preferans game with a COMPLETE set of conventions and game variations.

All phones and tablets are supported. Portrait orientation and thorough UX allow comfortable playing and holding a phone with one hand. Tablets and larger phones also support landscape mode.

Stats data is collected for all games played and is used to build beautiful graphs and charts to help you evaluate your preferans skill growth.

Share your results through social networks or with any means convenient! Look for the “share” button at Stats screen (to share your rating) or at the current game Stats screen (to share current game scores).

* Easy and friendly interface
* Honest opponents (you can select cheaters though)
* Honest app-pass round – bot rivals are not attempting to play exclusively versus player
* Tested by hundreds of players
* Fine-tuned options
* Great statistics
* Replay round and review deal log
* Two players aka Gusarik or Hussar’s pref and four players game
* Share your results through social networks or with any means convenient!
* Misère cards summary is available (through the button in the header to the right. Some phones require the header to be expanded with tap for the button to be accessible.)
* Blackberry users are encouraged to use the version from Blackberry World.