When Silence Fell

When Silence Fell


When Silence Fell

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People always say time heals all wounds. But every wound leaves its scars until one’s heart has become unrecognizable under their web.
– Sophia von Lindenbronn, 1625

• Delve into a dark interactive story set in the 17th century!
• Follow Sophia into the times of the Thirty Years’ War.
• Her diary becomes your link to her – and your choices will determine her fate.
• Explore a compelling storyline of more than 110,000 words.
• Check the integrated wiki for facts to guide Sophia along her way.
• It’s like reading a book – but you decide how it ends…

400 years ago the Thirty Years’ War plunged Europe into chaos. Today, When Silence Fell will resurrect its shadows before your eyes.

Follow Sophia into the 17th century, as her diary opens up a window through time and space. War is consuming the German Lands with an endless, voracious appetite, tearing the lives of thousands apart.

Accompany her in a compelling narrative of more than 110,000 words and witness how she maneuvers through the years of turmoil. Face tough decisions, guide her along the way and become her trusted friend.

But whatever you do, choose wisely. Sophia’s struggle for life and freedom can lead her onto substantially different paths and whenever you reach a crossroad you can check the game’s integrated wiki to learn about what might lie ahead.

The decisions you make in this first of three episodes will have an irrevocable impact on the young woman and her fellows. It will be your shared journey – and Sophia’s fate lies within your hands.

Supported Languages: English, German