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1. Preservation of important coordinates (observation post, Landmark, Tactical mark, Polygon)
2. Using the map without internet
3. Military artillery compass
4. If there is no GPS signal, the calculation of topographic and geodetic tasks will help
5. Tactical symbols of NATO, APP-6, STANAG MIL-STD-2525C
6. Import and export data
7. Application settings (Coordinate system, PIN and much more)


1. “DUV-1000” – calculation of range, angle and height according to the thousandth formula.
2. “PGZ” – direct geodetic task, calculation of target coordinates.
3. “OGZ” – the inverse geodetic task, the calculation of the directional angle and the distance to the target (landmark).
4. “SN” – conjugate observation, the calculation of the coordinates of the target (landmark) using two observation points.
5. “BL <=> XY” – translation of geographical coordinates into full rectangular and vice versa.
6. “WGS84 <=> SK42” – transfer of coordinates from one coordinate system to another.
7. “WGS84 <=> SK42 by GPS” – automatic translation of coordinates into the SK42 coordinate system according to the built-in GPS-receiver.
8. “Meridian approach” – calculation of the approach of the meridian.
9. “Short base” – the calculation of the coordinates of the firing position using a short base.
10. “Serifs” – calculation of serifs
– Direct serif on the measured angles
– Direct serif oriented instrument
– Polar notch (two options)
– Reverse notch for measured angles
– Reverse serif oriented instrument
11. “Calculation of the angle of the sun” – calculation of the directional angle in the sun
12. “Translation of angles” – translation of degrees into direction angles and vice versa
13. “Zone” – calculation of coordinates in an adjacent zone

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