Timmy’s Learning New Skills

Timmy's Learning New Skills

Timmy’s Learning New Skills

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Product Description

Timmy and friends Ruffy and Otus from the TV show Timmy Time help your child build their confidence in English and boost their motor and memory skills in Timmy’s Learning New Skills.

Safe, ad-free, English language learning fun for children aged six and younger, designed by the British Council, world experts in teaching English trusted by parents worldwide, in partnership with Aardman Animations.


PLAY three interactive and challenging games to boost language and essential skills, including
hand-eye coordination and concentration.
DISCOVER up to 60 words and phrases in English, including numbers, colors, shapes, food, animals, classroom objects and toys, to build vocabulary.
EARN stickers and videos – fun rewards motivate your child to keep learning!
LISTEN to the narrator and practice saying the words aloud.


Timmy’s Learning New Skills includes three bite-size and age-appropriate games that are designed by British Council English teaching experts to provide hours of high-quality learning content for your child and challenge them as they progress.

• I-Spy – your child will search for hidden objects to learn new vocabulary, identify objects and boost their concentration. As your child progresses, objects get harder to find, requiring serious focus!

• Magic Box – your child will be guided by the narrator to organize items by type and color. The game gets more and more challenging when we introduce multiple boxes so that your child learns advanced sorting skills and is encouraged to make choices.

• Rub-a-Dub – your child will listen to the narrator and swipe away sand, buttons and paint to identify objects hidden beneath. The game starts with single words such as ‘pear’ and ‘pencil’ and builds up to complex phrases such as ‘three green paintbrushes’ so that your child is challenged as they advance.