Tides of Time

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Product Description

Tides of Time is a card drafting game for two players that takes place over three rounds. On your turn, choose one card from those in your hand, then pass your hand to your opponent. Each card is one of five suits and a scoring objective. Once all cards have been taken, players calculate their scores based on the cards drafted. Between rounds, you will choose one card to keep for future rounds, and one card to remove from the game. After three rounds the player with the most points wins!

This is a long-awaited digital adaptation of the card game from Kristian Čurla and Portal Games. With this version, you can challenge your friends with pass-and-play or compete against one of the three levels of AI. Unique challenges are also included to keep you on your toes!


– A faithful digital adaptation of the Portal Games card game from Kristian Čurla
– Every card matters in this deceptively simple game
– Local pass-and-play for fun on the go
– Three levels of AI to challenge
– Unique challenges to overcome