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The Zamazingo
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The Zamazingo is an atmospheric puzzled indie adventure platformer game. The game was inspired by limbo and badland .it is black and white, there are trees, flowers. it’s black-and-white land. Discover secret around, Try to survive!

Where is there? Are you lost? try to solve puzzles.

Recover The Time, Escape the darkness!
The last thing that I remember is an old TV.
Are there only two colors, black? white?
There is too Dark, black-and-white world
I miss you, Carolina if only I didn’t go

Discover secret around, Try to survive!

STORY: an airship was carrying a time machine. The time machine fell off and crashed into a small village. Curious Mark went to check out the crash. This was the wrong decision. When he arrived the old historical-tv time machine kidnapped him and sent him to Zamazingo. It is dimmed, the colors are swirling. It is another time dimension. Escape this black-and-white land!

The Zamazingo is an atmospheric adventure indie platform game. The main purpose of the game is to find the lost time machine. You need to find the time machine in order to escape this frightening, strange, gothic, and mysterious world. What a bad fate. There are only two colors black and white. Avoid deadly traps. Escape spinning circular saws to survive. runoff dangerous traps. Help the player! save boy!

⛥ Atmospheric world.mysterious puzzled mines, weird invisible traps, and caves.
⛥ Secret traps, obstacles, mystic forest, long trees, a small forest, botanic flowers
⛥ inhabitant dwellers, physics-based gameplay
⛥ The light shines of dark sun, Beams into the background , Run through traps
⛥ Atmospheric astonishing silhouette graphics and music,
⛥ immersive audio-visual gaming experience, light, dark, puzzle
⛥ Nice game controllers, moody sound and music, interesting puzzle-platformer maps
⛥ Puzzling long adventure map can be explored
⛥ Bad Fly birds, Dark landscapes, death traps, silent inhabitants, bad trees and flowers,
⛥ Horror, strange platform game like limbo, Artistic silhouette graphics