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Play … as long as you can! The Game is your opponent. You can beat it, but even if the rules are very simple – it will not be easy. Think carefully and plan ahead, this is the only way to succeed! During the game, four piles of cards are formed. Two piles are in ascending order (numbers 1–99), and two piles are in descending order (numbers 100–2). The player tries to lay as many cards as possible, all 98 if possible, in four piles of cards.

Play the game – or the game starts playing with you …

✔ Easy start into the game
✔ The game mode “Classic” – corresponds to the 1-player game of the card game
✔ Single-player mode “On Fire” – including the popular extension
✔ Brandnew variant “Lift Up” – with additional scoring
✔ Additional difficulty levels in-game modes “Classic” and “On Fire”
✔ Local leaderboard for the “Lift Up” variant