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Product Description

Our children love to spend a lot of time on the cell phone, and even more, they love to explore the world around us. We know this, and that’s why we developed a unique education project covering all the topics necessary for the successful development of our children.

Our product will help the child to explore the surrounding world, expand the vocabulary, study letters, numbers, recognize and mix colors, learn geometric figures and of course spend a pleasant time with a friendly alien named Asmo.

The game does not contain advertising and paid content, it works without the internet!

learning the alphabet
studying the basics of arithmetic on apples
studying numbers, learning to add and subtract (various tasks)
learn animals by voice and name
collect puzzles (more than 100+ objects)
a game with geometric figures
Guess what’s drawn in the picture
study of colors
color mixing
tasks for logic
which picture begins with the letter
spell words
memory development
study of clocks (time pronunciations on digital and analog clocks)

The game is suitable for children from 2 years old.
All tasks are fully announced in Russian (more than 500+ phrases)
The complete version comes fully voiced in English (more than 500+ phrases)

Click on the rocket and go into the cycle of a variety of games that pick up randomly from the established difficulty level for your child.