Luiz Carlos Martins Loyola Filho
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Product Description

-29 tracks/levels (more coming soon)
-HQ music (EDM, Rock, Metal…)
-Rhythm experience with a UNIQUE, engaging and more intuitive approach than any
other rhythm game

In December 2017 a strange object came to Earth, a sphere. After several tests, scientists
have discovered that this sphere has a curious behavior: bouncing along music beats. In
addition, people report that when they look to the sphere, they begin to move their bodies
and become able to see and interact with musical notes, like they were transported to a
kind of musical space. Scientists have named this artifact Ritmosphere.

Introducing a new rhythm game, exciting and challenging!
Ritmosphere is a rhythm game that is played by touching the screen with accuracy! You
play along with the song and following the movement of the sphere!
You can play music interacting like on an instrument!
With high-quality multi-genres music and incredible visual effects, Ritmosphere will give
players the ultimate rhythm experience.