Pixel Soldiers: Saratoga 1777

Pixel Soldiers: Saratoga 1777

Pixel Soldiers: Saratoga 1777

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Product Description

1777, the year with three gallows in it, and perhaps the most crucial year of the American War for Independence. The British sought to control the Hudson River valley and crush the colonial insurrection. The campaign was a failure, and in the end, British General John Burgoyne was forced to surrender to the Americans. Having proven capable of striking a mighty blow against an Empire that the sun did not set on, victory at Saratoga convinced the French to support the rebels and enter the war. It was the beginning of the end for British rule over the thirteen colonies.

How will you fare?

Fight for Crown or Colony in Pixel Soldiers: Saratoga, the next great wargame from Jolly Pixel in the acclaimed Pixel Soldiers series (Bull Run, Gettysburg, Waterloo, and The Great War)!

Saratoga is a turn-based strategy/war game that features addictive gameplay that’s casual enough to pick up and play while still featuring plenty of depth. With a robust AI, seven scenarios, and a sandbox mode for never-ending war, Saratoga feels like a full-featured PC game shrunk down to fit in your pocket.

Saratoga features seven scenarios, mostly based on historical battles. Some battles have been tweaked for playability, with battles ranging from small to huge. Included are:

• Crown Point (hypothetical).
• Ticonderoga (large scale, tweaked from reality for more pixel on pixel violence).
• Hubbardton (small/medium skirmish, historical).
• Fort Stanwix/Oriskany (combines Oriskany ambush and the Stanwix siege into one engaging scenario).
• Bennington (smaller historical battle).
• Freeman’s Farm aka First Battle of Saratoga (large, historical).
• Bemis Heights aka Second Battle of Saratoga (historical, and quite large in scope!).

Saratoga boasts these awesome features sure to please your inner grognard:

• Turn-based, with a friendly save ability making it easy to wage war on the go. Can save different ongoing campaigns.
• Tutorial.
• Single-player against an impressive AI or hot seating against an opponent.
• A multitude of units at your command, all dressed in their finest pixels. British Line Infantry, Grenadiers, Guard Infantry, Light Infantry, German mercs, Jaeger Riflemen, Loyalists, Indians, medium and light artillery. American Musket and Rifle Militia, Continental Regular, Veteran Infantry, Light Infantry, Riflemen, light and medium artillery. Even Bateaux (small warships) make an appearance in the order of battle!
• Units are not cookie-cutter in nature and each performs a different role on the battlefield, giving the player plenty to contemplate.
• A sandbox mode for endless replayability after the campaigns are complete. Includes previous sandbox maps and a new one entitled King’s Mountain. Additionally, a new mode—Fight to the Death—has been added.
• Classic wargaming elements: morale, line of sight, the importance of terrain, and victory through strategy, not luck.
• New to the series, leadership points! Representing command and control you’ll never have enough points to do everything you want (or need) to perform.
• Leadership points can be spent on personally leading a unit into battle (for a combat boost), ordering a double-time march, and recovering and rallying troops that have become disordered or routed.
• Some more new additions to the Pixel Soldiers series being seen for the first time include the inclusion of a new Routing Phase at the end of the turn, more in-game feedback, and melee combat even more deadly than before.