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App Description

PEG is a minimalist take to the traditional solitaire game of the same name. The goal of the game is to leave two pieces on the board (one of each color) by following the rule: “Blue eats blue, red eats red.” A puzzler that is deceptively simple but hard to master.

Moving pegs. Removing pegs. These two simple mechanics allow for an incredible amount of possible strategies to aim for the each puzzle’s solution. Future planning. Piece set-up. These equally simple skills will be gradually honed to tackle the hardest puzzles.


Key Features

– Over a hundred hand-made levels, divided into several specially crafted boards.
– Daily auto-generated levels for a never ending experience.
– A color palette friendly for people with deuteranopia and similar visual complications.
– Several selections of zen music to fully immerse into relaxation.
– In-game options that allow gameplay speed tweaking, suitable for different play styles.
– Fully wordless UI for accessibility that ignores language and age barriers.
– A simple, yet addictingly complex gameplay for everyone to enjoy.
– Pegs.