Jungle Collapse 2

Jungle Collapse 2

Jungle Collapse 2

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Product Description

Jungle Collapse 2 is a new simple to play casual block collapsing puzzle game for all ages with 3 different game modes and lots of fun for the whole family!

Will you make it into TOP20 high scores?

How to play:

Move your finger over at least 3 blocks of the same kind horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to remove them! Remember, the longer chains you create, the better score you get! Collect extra bonuses on your way and go for high scores!

Game modes:

* Classic – destroy the stated number of blocks to progress to the next level before the end of the time limit.
* Puzzle – for every chain with at least 5/6 blocks you get the new blocks to play with, otherwise they will be removed.
* Time Attack – you have 90 seconds to get the best score possible.


* An addicting puzzle game for all ages
* 100% free full version + no In-App purchases
* 3 game modes!
* Submit and share your score with your friends
* Great fun for all ages