Joystick Mouse Adapter

Joystick Mouse Adapter

Joystick Mouse Adapter

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Product Description

Developed for the GPD XD Plus and tested on various Bluetooth gamepads. This app turns the joystick on your gamepad or game controller into a PC mouse. This is especially useful for those who connect their Android-based emulation machines (e.g. GPD XD+) to an external screen via HDMI out or screencasting.

The Joystick Mouse adapter works similar to the way the joystick on the GPD Win 1 and GPD Win 2 works in mouse mode.

(1) Perform short and long clicks.
(2) Variable mouse pointer speed based on joystick input.
(3) Perform actions such as: go home, go back, recent apps.
(4) Control volume, expand notification tray, launch power dialog.
(5) Scroll pages and navigate menus with D-Pad.
(6) Change mouse pointer style.
(7) Change mouse pointer color.
(8) Adjust mouse speed.