Irregular Recruits


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Conquer the Battlegrounds with a Cat Summoner, Necromancer Wizard or Magic Dwarf Warrior in this premium offline roguelike deck builder game with RPG elements.

Irregular Recruits combines deck builders with auto chess strategy, with the unique twist that your army is your life total – when your recruits die they are lost forever, and when your army is dead, so are you!

– Roguelike gameplay, where unit death is permanent
– Hire over 200 different recruits to assemble an unstoppable army
– Auto-resolving combat for fast-paced tactical battles
– Level up your commander to unlock special powers
– Explore the Cinder Lands with unusual events, friends and enemies
– Unlock 8 Commanders for your army. All with different abilities and starting recruits
– Great for offline play
– A true indie game made by one passionate player/developer

Doug Lynch

Hi! You may have seen my work at other Android publications including XDA and Phandroid, but I have branched out on my own to create content for the community. Most of my work consists of finding the best deals in the Google Play Store, creating tutorials on my YouTube channel, and curating the best applications and games on Play Store Finder.