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Product Description

“IReadArabic” and the reading of Arabic becomes a children’s game.

Practical and original, this application allows a natural learning of the reading.
– With miscellaneous games being offered, the reading and phonetics of Arabic are gradually acquired.
– Identify the sound of 28 letters of the alphabet and enrich your vocabulary.
– Distinguish the lunar letters of the solar letters by an indication which it will be necessary to identify.
– Associate the letters with the short, long vowels and the tanwine.
– Memorize the sound and tracing of each letter in position: initial, middle and final.
– Read easily the syllables then the words.
– Recompose 120 words with syllables cards while learning their meaning through illustrations.

A progressive learning is assured by following the order of sequences!
A phase of discovery than a phase of assimilation by the game (with two levels by stage).
Reach and discover the superior levels while making sure that the stages are approached in a progressive way and adapted.

IReadArabic allows you:

– To learn the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet
– To progress at their own pace by setting the menu of options
– To memorize the writing according to the position of letters in the word: initial, medial and final.
– To read the syllables (letter + short vowel), (letter + long vowel), (letter + tanwine)
– The simple reading of more than 120 words fully illustrated.
– Recompose words by selecting the corresponding syllables cards.
– To memorize playfully the meaning of the words

*** Recommended age: from 3 years ***

We recommend to the parents to accompany their child in this learning by alternating the moments of autonomous games and the moments of interaction.