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Product Description

iLinear is a unique and new type of puzzle game that combines luck and skills. It will transport you to a soothing, simplistic, colorful, and intriguing new world.

In this game, you have 3 seconds to draw a line with your finger that will link to infinity. The duplication of your line will have to reach the targets to light up the stars while avoiding multiple obstacles.

You must turn on the 3 stars of a level to go to the next level. The possibilities for reaching this goal are endless.

✔ Many levels of a unique and new type of puzzles.
✔ The line is drawn with your finger that is linked to infinity.
✔ 3 random features of the line.
✔ Random colors on a black background.
✔ 3 targets to reach each level.
✔ Track the progress of your achievements.
✔ Walls and geometric shapes bouncing.
✔ Obstacles.
✔ Random colors for enemies.
✔ A mix of luck and skill.

Brightly colored enemies move randomly and must be avoided. These enemies significantly increase the difficulty on some levels. Luck is in order.

Colored walls should be avoided. These walls are the same color as the color chosen randomly. Remembering it sometimes requires to stay alert.

Your line bounce on white walls and white geometric shapes. Sometimes you have to be agile and to figure out how it bounces back to achieve your goal.