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Product Description

Travel forth to new lands, and rebuild the once-great Explorer’s Guild! As the Guildmaster it’s your job to choose which parts to upgrade and who you want to hire! Explore new lands, become a powerful fighter, and even collect costumes and pets in this unique RPG!

Game features:

– Rebuild the Explorer’s Guild and hire NPCs!
– Explore many areas with all sorts of monsters and resources!
– Complete Bounties, Requests, and trade with merchants to gain currencies!
– Go fishing, fight monsters, catch rats, or even explore ancient tombs!
– Level your character and learn 24 unique skills!
– Craft armor and weapons with different purposes and playstyles!
– Advance your home alongside the Guild, and grow a small garden!
– Unlock a dozen pets, and a closet full of costumes!
– Absolutely 0 ads or in-app purchases!