Guide of the Wild


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– Cooking pot simulator
– Recipe filter
– Armor list and upgrades
– Compendium with all item details
– Interactive map
– Region filters
– Item purchase locations
– Sub-boss item drops
– Save recipes and completed items

Cooking pot features
– Simulate the complete cooking pot
– View item details including locations, enemy drops, and effects
– Filter items based on recipe requirements, name, status effect, and more

Armor features
– Determine items needed for every upgrade
– Filter by main game, and DLC armor
– Show locations where armor can be found
– Save armor you’ve collected, and their current upgrade level

Compendium features
– Determine recoverable materials enemies, wildlife, and chests
– Find common locations of all items
– Shows attack and defense values for all weapons and shields

Map features
– View location names, towers, villages, seeds, stables, shrines, sub-bosses, and region outlines.
– Filter content by tower regions
– Villages and stables show which items can be purchased
– Comprehensive search and detailed descriptions for all items
– Save completed items

Instant searches, high quality navigation systems, detailed map give you immediate access to the information you need.

Doug Lynch

Hi! You may have seen my work at other Android publications including XDA and Phandroid, but I have branched out on my own to create content for the community. Most of my work consists of finding the best deals in the Google Play Store, creating tutorials on my YouTube channel, and curating the best applications and games on Play Store Finder.